Records Smashed: Worst Storm In Baltimore In 123 Years; Biggest One-Day Snowfall In NYC History

Worst Storm In Baltimore In 123 Years

WASHINGTON, Jan. 24 (UPI) —  At least 29.2 inches of snow fell on the city of Baltimore from Friday until Saturday night, breaking the previous record of 26.8 inches from a February 2003 blizzard.

It means Jonas is the biggest storm since Baltimore began keeping records in 1892.

The snow was so deep in some Baltimore streets that  National Guard Humvees in town to assist emergency responders were struggling and becoming stuck.

At least 26.8 inches of snow fell in New York City’s Central Park by Saturday night, one-tenth of an inch shy of the record-holding 26.9 inches that fell in February 2006. About 30.5 inches fell at John F. Kennedy International Airport.

The storm is one of the top five in history to hit the mid-Atlantic and Northeast.

Officials continued to warn it could take several days for snow to be cleared from all roads.

On Sunday morning, NYC Mayor Bill DeBlasio announced that schools throughout the city will be open on Monday and he expects the city’s transportation system to be up and running smoothly enough to get everyone safely to their workplaces.

West Virginia saw the most snow in the region with more than 40 inches falling in Glengary in the state’s eastern panhandle. Virginia received 39 inches of snow in Philomont, about 25 miles northwest of Washington D.C.

The most snow that fell in Maryland was in Redhouse, about 150 miles west of Baltimore, where 38 inches fell. At least 35.5 inches were recorded in Somerset, Penn., and 29.6 inches piled up in Whitehouse, N.J.

There were reports of record flooding Saturday morning along the Delaware and New Jersey Coasts. Some of the water rushing into homes and businesses contained big sheets of ice.

According to reports, at least 18 people were killed as a result of the storm, most of them in car accidents.


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