Adventurous Norwegian Cat Tows Skier On Mountain

Norwegian Cat
Jesper, an adventurous Norwegian cat, showed off his skills as a sled cat in a viral video that shows him towing his owner on a local mountain. Screen capture/News Today/YouTube

HEDMARK, Norway, Feb. 17 (UPI) — A cat from Norway proved that sled towing isn’t just a dog’s job as video showed the adventurous feline pulling his owner on a local mountain.

The video shows Jesper, a cat who has gained internet attention for its adventures, pulling owner Aina Stormo along a Norwegian mountain trail.


After being towed for a while, Stormo returns the favor by placing Jesper on her shoulder where she keeps him on downhill sections to avoid running the cat over with her skis.

Jesper was profiled by Adventure Cats in January where the two-year-old orange long-hair can be seen swimming and embarking on other snowy adventures.

Stormo admitted in the profile that while Jesper is more than capable of towing her on her skies, his temperament might make a dog a more reliable choice overall.

“If Jesper doesn’t want to walk he really doesn’t want to walk. There is no discussion. Then he just jumps into the backpack and sits there with a happy smile on his face.”

Jesper also has his own Facebook page where followers can keep up to date with his adventures.


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