Alabama Woman Finds Shark Carcass In Front Yard

Whitney Constantine of Mobile, Ala., found a shark carcass in her yard Tuesday after flood waters receded. WALA-TV video screenshot

MOBILE, Ala., Oct. 28 (UPI) — No, it wasn’t dropped by a real-life Sharknado.

An Alabama woman said she awoke after severe flooding in her neighborhood to find the waters had receded and left behind an unusual item — a shark.

Whitney Constantine said the flood waters in the driveway of her Mobile home were knee-deep Monday and she awoke Tuesday, after the waters receded, to find the shark carcass in her front yard.

Constantine told WALA-TV heavy rains often bring floods around her home, but Monday’s storm was the first time the waters had gotten so deep — and the first time they left a shark behind.

The resident said her husband is planning to bury the shark carcass.

The shark was not the first to be found in someone’s yard on dry land this year.

Sue Bowser of Virginia Beach said her grandchildren found a 13-inch dogfish shark, also known as a sand shark, dead near a pond in her back yard early in the summer.

Bowser said that shark wasn’t carried by flood waters, but more likely by an osprey that planned to make a meal out of the small shark but dropped it along the way.

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