Alarm clock stuck in Pennsylvania wall for 13 years finally removed

Sylvia and Jerry Lynn finally removed a functioning alarm clock that had been stuck inside the wall of their Pennsylvania home for 13 years. Screenshot: CBS Pittsburgh/Inform Inc.

July 8 (UPI) — A couple near Pittsburgh finally retrieved an alarm clock that had been stuck inside their walls for more than a decade.

Sylvia and Jerry Lynn, who heard the alarm buzz at the same time every evening for 13 years, finally had the clock removed after their story gained national attention.

Keith Andreen and Dawn Michelucci of Low-Cost Heating and Air Conditioning came to grab the clock out of the wall through the couple’s garage.

“This is the first time, no pun intended, that I had to remove a clock from inside ductwork,” Andreen told CBS Pittsburgh.

Lynn accidentally dropped the clock down an air vent while making home repairs in 2004, after he lowered it into the wall in hopes the alarm would sound to indicate where he should drill a hole in the wall to set up a television.

The couple expected the clock to die after a few months, but the Rayovac battery that powered it remained intact even as it was pulled form the wall on Thursday.

Lynn said they eventually got used to the nightly alarm and even considered it “kind of cute” so he elected to leave it in as a conversation starter.

“You’re sitting around playing bridge and it goes off,” he told Inside Edition. “Is that an alarm clock? Why is the alarm clock going off? It’s in the wall.”

After 13 years, Lynn said the clock looked almost exactly how he remembered it when he dropped it in the wall on that fateful day.

“It is a travel alarm, I was right on that. And, it is digital; I was right on that. It’s just the style I was wrong on,” he said.

The couple plans to keep their nightly routine going by placing the newly recovered clock on their mantle and keeping the alarm set for 7:50 p.m.


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