Australian Man ‘Adopts’ Abandoned Shopping Cart

An Australian man briefly "adopted" a shopping cart from a local office supply chain that was abandoned in front of his home. Andrew Mitchell shared photos of the cart, which he named Trevor the Trolley, after he called a nearby store asking to have them pick it up. Mitchell spent an additional three days with the cart after his first cal and even gave the cart a pair of shoes. Photo by Andrew Mitchell/Officeworks/Facebook

WERRIBEE, Australia, May 24 (UPI) — An Australian man briefly rescued a shopping cart from a local office supply store chain that had been left outside his home.

Andrew Mitchellshared a photo of the shopping cart to Officeworks’ Facebook page on May 22, explaining that the cart remained in front of his home despite several calls to the store’s Werribee location.

“To keep him happy I phoned your Werribee store again and spoke to your store manager who promised he would be picked up last night,” Mitchell wrote. “As your can see he is still here, and now he’s sad that you’ve forgotten him.”

Mitchell named the cart Trevor the Trolley and even gave him a pair of sneakers.

“Trevor said he had sore wheels so I’ve given him sneakers to wear,” he said. “He complained they weren’t NIKE. I guess I can’t keep him happy.”

Mitchell even managed to teach the cart a few tricks during their time together, including walking his dog.

“Good news, I’ve trained Trevor the Shopping Trolley to take our dog for a walk,” he said. “It’s working out pretty well but when they go downhill Storm has problems keeping up.”

Later that day Officeworks shared their own Facebook post confirming that Trevor was returned back to the store with his “friends” and even managed to “meet” a few celebrities.

“Trevor took the long roll back to our store last night & is now safe & sound back with his friends & family. Trevor will now undergo intensive counselling to ensure he’s ready to go back to work,” they wrote. “As you can see from the photos Trevor got to meet Ryan Gosling & Russell Crowe on his way home & then enjoyed a hot chocolate with his mates before playing around with a ball for a little while.”

At the end of his journey, Trevor was also apparently thankful for the time that he spent with Mitchell and the lessons he learned.

“He’s asked us to thank Andrew Mitchell for teaching him how to take selfies, mow the lawn & walk the dog and for taking such good care of him,” Officeworks wrote.


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