Bear appears to carry laptop computer at Montana roadside

This purportedly laptop-toting Montana bear may or may not be on his way to Starbucks to work on his screenplay. Screenshot: Mike Potter/Facebook

March 31 (UPI) — A Montana man captured video of a black bear carrying an object he said appeared to be a laptop computer at the side of a road.

Mike Potter posted a video to Facebook showing the bear he spotted at the side of a road in Whitefish carrying what he said appeared to be a laptop computer.

“It was a Montana moment I’ll never forget, I mean I grew up here in Whitefish, Montana and when I saw that, that is what makes Montana great,” Potter told MTN News.

Commenters on Potter’s post suggested the object may have merely been a piece of wood in the shape of a computer, but Potter said he is convinced that his identification is correct.

“As I drew focus and zoomed in with my phone, I could see it clearer. And then when I was editing the video the next morning, I zoomed in at 100-percent and it just appeared to have a little micro-logo on it and shading right where a laptop would fold,” he said.


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