Box of dog poop leads to arrest for Texas package thieves

A Shertz, Texas, woman helped nab a pair of package thieves using a couple of bait packages, one of which was filled with dog poop. Photo by josemiguels/Pixabay

SCHERTZ, Texas, Dec. 16 (UPI) — A Texas woman whose neighborhood was targeted by package thieves said a box filled with dog poop helped lead to two arrests.

Rose Faubush, who lives in the Belmont Park area of Schertz, said the neighborhood has been plagued with thieves stealing packages from porches recently, so she and her son, Hayden, decided to put some bait on their own porch.

“Dog poo. Packages of dog poo,” Faubush told WSBT-TV. “I was really angry when I heard about the packages being stolen, even though it wasn’t ours.”

Faubush said she left the house for only about an hour and returned home to find the package gone.

The family decided the following day to put out a second bait package, this time filled with ribbons, bows and wrapping paper, and waited for the thieves to arrive.

Faubush said they waited until a man was on the porch lifting the box before throwing open the door and snapping pictures with their cellphones.

She said the getaway driver abandoned the man holding the box.

“The car took off without him and so he ran into the retention pond,” Faubush told KENS-TV.

Faubush said she circulated the photos on Facebook, leading the getaway driver to visit her home and plead for her to take them down.

“You know, sweetheart, there’s nothing I can do at this point,” Faubush recalled telling the man. “You were doing something wrong and the people in the neighborhood are really upset.”

Police said they arrested two suspects and recovered several items stolen from porches in Faubush’s neighborhood. Investigators said they expect to file theft charges against the men.

Hayden Faubush offered some advice for the thieves: “Get a job. Just get a job.”


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