‘Chicago Fire’ actor Joe Minoso rescued from elevator by Chicago Fire Department

"Chicago Fire" actor Joe Minoso was rescued by actual Chicago Fire Department firefighters after getting stuck inside an elevator. Minoso was admittedly embarrassed at first, but he shared a laugh with the real life heroes when one recognized him from television. Screen capture/firehouse.com

CHICAGO, Jan. 13 (UPI) — Joe Minoso, star of NBC’s “Chicago Fire,” had to call on the help of the actual Chicago Fire Department after he was trapped in an elevator.

Minoso shared a video of the rescue to Instagram, as he embarrassingly had to call the rescuers he portrays on television to free him from the Chicago elevator.

“Trapped in my own elevator. Slightly embarrassed cause I know who I’m gonna have to call! But less than 15 minutes later the Chicago Fire Department was there when I needed them,” he wrote.

One firefighter gasped upon recognizing the actor inside the elevator and the group shared in a laugh as Minoso thanked them for their help.

“That’s why you call the Chicago Fire Department,” Minoso said.


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