Church Steeple Snaps Crane Boom In Nova Scotia

MILTON, Nova Scotia, Aug. 10 (UPI) — A Nova Scotia church steeple being moved by a crane was destroyed when the boom snapped and sent it hurling to the ground.

Kimberly Sinclair, who caught the tumble on camera and posted it to YouTube, said she and her family were among several spectators Friday when the crane attempted to move the steeple from atop the Milton Christian Church.

Sinclair can be heard in the video explaining to her children that the crane was not stealing the steeple.

“Just don’t drop it,” a child’s voice can be heard saying in the footage.

“They’re not gonna drop it, they’re pros,” Sinclair says, just before the crane gives way and drops the steeple.

Sinclair said no one was hurt in the incident.

“It happened actually very quickly. And once we heard that noise, that kind of groaning metal fatigue noise, then it just dropped very quickly,” she told CBC News.

Sinclair said the crane’s boom snapped in half.

“The boom buckled. It literally snapped in half,” Sinclair told The Chronicle Herald newspaper. “Then the boom came down and that’s what fell on top of the wires, so then the wires all up and down the road start snapping and transformers start blowing and people are running.”

The church said the steeple was being moved for use at another site, but was destroyed by the fall.


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