City Worker Facing Second ‘Robotic Voice’ Suspension In New York

Worker Facing Second 'Robotic Voice' Suspension
Photo Courtesy: UPI

NEW YORK, Sept. 30 (UPI) — A New York City Health Department worker suspended last year for using a “robotic voice” on phone calls is again facing discipline for the same action.

Ronald Dillon, who made headlines in November of last year when he was suspended for 20 days without pay for using “an unprofessional, robotic voice” on the phone, is now facing a potential 30-day suspension after supervisors said they caught him again using the voice on IT help-desk calls.

Judge Ingrid Addison of the Office of Administrative Trials and Hearings ruled Sept. 15 that Dillon should be suspended for violating orders from his supervisors by twice using his robot voice on the phone and committing other infractions including neglecting customer service assignments and purposefully misdirecting calls.

Dillon’s suspension must still be approved by the Health Department before going into effect. The worker said last year the voice branded “robotic” by bosses was merely his attempt at using a neutral voice after complaints about his tone of voice while on the phone.

Addison said Dillon appears to be upset about his position at the Health Department.

“What was apparent from his rambling explanation and his general testimony was that he felt his skills and education to be superior to the requirements of his current job, especially given the kinds of projects to which he had been previously assigned,”DNA info quoted the judge as saying.


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