City workers find 5-foot snake in Canada storm drain

A 5-foot long cornsnake, like the one pictured here, was found in a storm drain in Canada by Victoria city crews. The snake refused to leave the drain despite the use of a snare, mice and heat to attempt to draw it out. Photo by Torsten Dietrich/Shutterstock

VICTORIA, British Columbia, Aug. 19 (UPI) — Work crews in Canada discovered a 5-foot-long snake trapped in a drain pipe beneath streets in Victoria.

According to CHEK, city crews discovered the snake after sending a camera into the storm drain while investigating sunken pavement nearby.

Animal control officers attempted to coax the snake out using heat, mice and a snare, but the snake refused to budge.

Victoria’s manager of utility operations, Mike Ippin, told the CBC the snake, a common corn snake, may actually be “quite happy” inside the pipe.

“It could be there for quite a while,” he said. “It’s very hot outside and the pipe is fairly shallow, so it may not be feeling any discomfort at all.”

Animal control officers believe the snake may be an escaped pet, although a missing corn snake was not reported in the area.

City officials said it would be impossible for the snake to turn up in anyone’s plumbing as the pipe is a storm drain and not a sewer drain.

Animal control hopes heat will guide the snake into a trap, which will allow them to remove it from the drain.


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