Cyclist Making Jimmy John’s Delivery Climbs Over Moving Train

Cyclist making Jimmy John's delivery climbs over moving train

JACKSONVILLE, Fla., March 29 (UPI) — A Jimmy John’s delivery man in Florida was apparently trying to live up to the eatery’s “Freaky Fast” slogan when he climbed a moving train to cross the tracks.

A video captured by a motorist in the San Marco neighborhood of Jacksonville shows a Jimmy John’s delivery person on a bicycle stopped at some railroad tracks while a train passes.

The man slings his bicycle over his back and climbs over the moving train to get to the other side.

Elizabeth Scott, who owns several Jimmy John’s locations in Jacksonville, said she is investigating the video and will speak with her employees about train safety.

“All of our delivery employees are expected to obey all traffic laws and make all deliveries in a safe, timely manner for themselves, as well as for other people on the road,” Scott told WJXT-TV. “We do not condone that type of delivery method. We expect all of our drivers and delivery employees to follow all traffic laws and in this case, railroad crossing laws.”

The Jimmy John’s employee’s behavior was a clear violation of train safety guidelines, but not the most blatant in recent weeks — a woman in Victorville, Calif., was arrested Feb. 21 for allegedly trying to take a parked train on a joyride.

Shawna Marone, 45, was arrested on suspicion of illegally moving a locomotive with possible injury or death.


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