Coyote found hiding in Ohio family’s bathroom

Police in Trenton, Ohio, said family members used a first floor bathroom multiple times Friday morning before discovering there was a coyote hiding behind the toilet. Photo courtesy of the Trenton Police Department - OH/Facebook

Sept. 10 (UPI) — Police were summoned to an Ohio home early Friday morning when residents made an unusual discovery in their bathroom — a coyote.

The Trenton Police Department said in a Facebook post officers responded about 5:18 a.m. Friday when a family reported a coyote was in their first floor bathroom.

The family told police the coyote must have entered the home about an hour earlier when the front door was left open so they could load up a vehicle for a road trip.

The post included a photo of the coyote hiding behind the toilet.

“The animal was also present in the small restroom during its use by the family that morning unbeknownst to them,” the post said.

Police said the coyote was safely removed from the home and released unharmed.


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