‘Crazy Bird Lady’ Feeds Hummingbirds From Specially Designed Dress

hummingbird, dress, designer, Canada
Hummingbirds cover a Canadian artist's specially-designed dress. Screenshot: Paintertainment Cary Campbell Lopes/Facebook

WHISTLER, British Columbia, June 2 (UPI) — A Canadian costume designer shared video of her latest creation: a flower-and-cup-covered dress designed to feed hummingbirds.

The video, posted by Cary Campbell to her Paintertainment page on Facebook, shows the Whistler, British Columbia, designer’s dress surrounded by more than a dozen hummingbirds that periodically feed from the sugar water-filled flowers of the dress.

Campbell said her children branded her a “crazy bird lady” after she started feeding hummingbirds last year and the number making regular visits to her home ballooned from two to more than 300.

“Paintertainment’s first test run of a strolling hummingbird dress. Not sure how I can bring humming birds to events tho! Any humming bird trainers out there?” she wrote in the Facebook post.


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