Energetic Giant Panda Dubbed ‘Kung-Fu Panda’ In Taiwan

Panda Dubbed 'Kung-Fu Panda'
Yuan-Zai of the Taipei Zoo was dubbed "Kung-Fu Panda" by witnesses to her energetic display. Newsflare video screenshot

TAIPEI, Taiwan, Jan. 21 (UPI) — A giant panda at a Taiwan zoo has been dubbed “Kung-Fu Panda” after showing off climbing skills and energy levels rivaling her animated counterpart.

Yuan-Zai, a giant panda at the Taipei Zoo, was recorded Wednesday showing off speed and energy that runs counter to the stereotype of pandas as slow, lazy creatures.

The video shows the panda quickly scaling the equipment in her enclosure to pay with toys that dangle from the ceiling.

The display goes on for minutes, with Yuan-Zai climbing in different areas of her enclosure to reach different toys.

Witnesses dubbed the busy-body bear “Kung-Fu Panda.”



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