Escaped kangaroo captured in Washington state

Photo: Monroe Police Department
Oct. 6 (UPI) — Police in Washington state said a baby kangaroo that escaped when he was let out of a van to “potty” was safely recaptured and taken for a check-up.The Monroe Police Department said the kangaroo escaped Tuesday morning, and the public was asked to keep a lookout for the young animal.

The marsupial’s owners wrote on a Facebook post that the 8-week-old male red kangaroo escaped when a friend transporting it in their van let him “out to potty and lost him.”

The owners said the baby hasn’t been weened onto solid food yet and still requires milk.

Police said the kangaroo was captured by an animal control officer and taken to a veterinary clinic in Fall City to be checked out.

Officers said they are investigating whether the kangaroo’s owners had the proper permits for the exotic pet.


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