Escaped pet tortoise returned due to Facebook post

A tortoise was reunited with its owner after a Facebook post was shared nearly 3,000 times. Photo: Facebook

SACRAMENTO, Sept. 7 (UPI) — An animal shelter in California used Facebook to help reunite a local man with his escaped pet tortoise.

Front Street Animal Shelter shared photos of the escaped tortoise after searching unsuccessfully for a microchip.

“We know that someone must be missing their pet Sulcata as he appears well cared for,” they wrote. “We need our Facebook family’s help to get this guy back home!”

The shelter’s Facebook post totaled more than 2,900 shares and eventually reached the tortoise’s owner who came to retrieve the pet.

“After seeing our post Tank’s owner rushed down to reclaim his Tortoise,” the shelter wrote. “Seems like Tank got bored and dug out of the backyard.”

The owner also had a microchip inserted into the tortoise, as the shelter expressed the importance of microchipping unorthodox pets such as tortoises, parrots andsnakes.


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