Fiberglass pig ‘kidnapped’ from New York home

A fiberglass pig was stolen from in front of a New York home and replaced with a cooler full of bacon. Owner Peter McGuire said it was the second time the colorful statue has been kidnapped. Screen capture/WNYT/Inform Inc.

GUILDERLAND , N.Y., Aug. 10 (UPI) — A fiberglass pig that resided outside of a New York home for several years disappeared last Thursday.

The pig’s owner, Peter McGuire, told News 10 a cooler full of bacon was left in place of the colorful statue, but he was not concerned about the pig’s whereabouts.

“It’s been kidnapped. It’s the second time it’s been kidnapped,” he said. “I’m sure somebody would have some sort of demands; otherwise, they wouldn’t have left me a cooler and bacon.”

McGuire told WNYT the first kidnapping also saw the pig replaced, along with a ransom note.

“The pig was kidnapped and they left a regular piggy bank with a ransom note,” he said. “I think it was 10 lottery tickets and a bag of pretzels. And I was not willing to cave in.”

McGuire said the pig often gets repainted in different colors or patterns and has turned up in various places throughout the neighborhood.

“It’s been in a tree, it’s been in my neighbor’s boat, we moved it across the street, we had a rubber chicken and said, ‘Why did the pig cross the street? Because the chicken was on this side,'” McGuire said. “We’ve done all kinds of things with the pig all in fun, and people just kind of gravitate towards it and drive by the house looking for it.”

McGuire left an ominous note on an obituary page in the cooler warning that an ill fate may befall the thief if his pig is harmed, although he said the act was “all in good fun.”


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