French Man Sues Former Employer Over ‘Bore Out’

A French man sued his former employer, Interparfums Inc., claiming that the company left him to only perform menial tasks for more than four years which caused him to become depressed. The ex-facilities manager Frederic Desnard, 44, is seeking $170,000 in damages from the company claiming their actions cost him holiday pay, a potential promotion, and led him to have an epileptic seizure while driving. File photo UPI/Shutterstock/Tigger11th

PARIS, May 4 (UPI) — A French man claims that his former employer caused him to “bore out” of his job and become depressed by stripping him of his responsibilities.

Frederic Desnard, a 44-year-old ex-facilities manager at French perfume company Interparfums Inc., is suing the company for $170,000 in damages after claiming he was “shelved” when the company lost an important contract.

Desnard states that his employer sent him on “a descent into hell” by giving him only menial tasks over the course of four years.

“I was depressed, and ashamed of being paid for doing nothing,” he said.

Desnard left the company in 2014 and claims that the “bore out” cost him holiday pay, a potential promotion and that his depression and anxiety led to an epileptic fit while driving.

The attorney for Interparfums Inc. claims “inconsistencies” in Desnard’s story saying he “never said anything about being bored during the four-year period.”

“And if he actually had nothing to do over these years, why didn’t he mention it?” they added.


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