‘Gangster Turkeys’ Destroy Property, Intimidate Residents In New Jersey Town

Teaneck New Jersey resident says a member of a group of "gangster turkeys" burst through her window, traumatizing her and her children and causing $6,000 worth of damage. Screen capture/CBS 2

TEANECK, N.J., April 6 (UPI) — A group of wild turkeys have struck fear into several residents of a New Jersey town by harassing residents and causing property damage.

Courtney Lopchinsky of Teaneck told CBS 2 that a wild turkey burst through her kitchen window as she was eating dinner with her children.

“I grabbed the kids and we literally ran for our lives out of the house because we were so scared,” she said. “All of a sudden it went straight through the window…we were covered in glass. The turkey was covered in mud and water and kept flapping its wings throwing mud water everywhere.”

Lopchinsky told NJ.com that the turkey, which caused $6,000 worth of property damage, is part of a pack of four that is known for causing trouble throughout the neighborhood.

“They’re like gangster turkeys,” she said “They terrorize kids at bus stops and chase people to their cars.”

New Jersey Fish and Wildlife are working to trap and relocate the turkeys, but Health Officer Ken Katter encouraged residents to avoid the turkeys as they are particularly aggressive during mating season.

“Start by not confronting turkeys to start with, you can chase them away making noises, water hoses, or even your leashed dog,” he said.

Lopchinsky hopes that a solution can be found that will keep both the turkeys and the residents of Teaneck from any more harm.

“There has to be a peaceful solution. They can’t just keep ransacking the neighborhood,” she said.


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