Giant Model Triceratops Obstructs Traffic On U.K. Street

Triceratops Obstructs Traffic
A 25-foot triceratops was found blocking traffic on a street on the Isle of Wight. Photo by Chris Hollingshead/Facebook

ISLE OF WIGHT, England, Feb. 16 (UPI) — A U.K. man discovered a strange road hazard while driving home from work one night.

Chris Hollingshead of Isle of Wight came across a 25-foot model triceratops in the middle of High Street in Godshill and later shared a photo of the prehistoric obstruction to Facebook.

“That priceless moment when you’re driving home from work at 3am and the road is blocked by a 20ft Triceratops!” Hollingshead wrote.

The triceratops, which was dubbed Godshilla, was taken from Jurassic Garden, a shop that sells prehistoric gems and fossils.

“It takes about five blokes to move the dinosaur a couple of inches, so it was definitely a concerted effort and drink was probably involved,” owner Martin Simpson told the BBC about the incident.

The dinosaur was moved back to the shop with the assistance of Island Roads staff and the road was reopened shortly afterward.

Lisa Choi owner of The Taverners across the street from Jurassic Garden told The Isle of Wright County Press she believes the incident was the result of a group of pranksters escalating their work.

“It must be the same people who tied balloons around its neck and put tinsel over it for Christmas,” she said. “They’ve gone one step further this time.”

Martin said that a fence would be installed around the model to insure a similar incident doesn’t occur in the future.

“It’s great people are talking about it, but I wouldn’t want to encourage anybody to cause a hazard for traffic,” he said.


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