Great white shark bites fishing boat off South Carolina

A great white shark hooked by a crew off South Carolina took a bite out of the fishing boat before being successfully reeled in. Screenshot: Chip Michalove/YouTube

Feb. 6 (UPI) — A South Carolina fishing crew captured video of their encounter with a great white shark that took a bite out of their boat while they were struggling to catch it.

Chip Michalove of Outcast Sports Fishing posted a video to YouTube showing his crew’s Wednesday encounter with a 14-foot-long female great white shark they found about 16 miles off the coast.

The shark was caught, tagged, and released — but not without some complications.

“She bit the boat once,” Outcast Spots Fishing wrote in a Facebook post.

“Just like any animal, they want to get the hell out of town,” Michalove told WLTX-TV. “You grab anything wild they’re going to bite you to get loose.”

He said the shark looked like it has had an eventful life.

“She had some old battle wounds on the left side of her face from either mating or something she went after took a couple of chunks out of her,” he said. “They looked like they were pretty old.”


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