Injured Tortoise Gets Around With Wheels Designed For Windows

tortoise wheels India
A tortoise injured in a mongoose attack regained the ability to walk thanks to a set of wheels attached to its shell. Screenshot: Newsflare

CHENNAI, India, June 13 (UPI) — An injured tortoise in India is walking again thanks to a set of wheels designed for a sliding window being attached to its shell.

Veterinarians at the Arignar Anna Zoological Park in Chennai, India, set about helping the small tortoise after its right leg was injured in an attack by a mongoose.

“The tortoises was bitten by a mongoose from the forest nearby last week. It suffered grave injuries on its leg,” zoo director K.S.S.V.P. Reddy was quoted as saying.

The veterinarians used a special resin to attach two lightweight wheels designed for use on sliding windows to the 2-year-old tortoise’s shell.

The park said the tortoise is now able to reach her food faster than the other tortoises in her enclosure.



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