Japanese retailer offers samurai armor for pets

Japanese retailer Samurai Age has created a line of samurai armor designed for small dogs and cats to wear. Photo by Samurai Age

June 7 (UPI) — Pets of all shapes and sizes can now live out their dreams of looking like medieval Japanese warriors.

Japanese retailer Samurai Age, which specializes in novelty samurai apparel, released a new line of samurai armor for pets such as dogs and cats to wear.

The body armor’s standard size is suited for a small cat or dog, but can be ordered in a custom size for larger animals. Owners can order a matching suit of armor, including a mask and helmet.

Each set of armor comes in four colors, including red and black, which costs about $128, or gold and silver, which sell for approximately $148.

Samurai Age offers international shipping for the pet armor and the shop also sells novelty armor for liquor bottles and dolls.


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