Kangaroo Shocks Motorist With Feet-First Leap Onto Windshield

A kangaroo prepares to show this motorist who owns the road. Screenshot: Dellamotor/YouTube

ELPHINSTONE, Australia, May 2 (UPI) — An Australian motorist’s dashboard camera captured his nighttime encounter with a car-hating kangaroo that jumped feet-first into his windshield.

The video, posted to YouTube by user Dellamotor, was filmed Sunday night in the man’s Elphinstone, Victoria, driveway.

The video shows the vehicle traveling up the gravel driveway when a kangaroo appears in the vehicle’s path.

The marsupial takes a couple of short hops toward the vehicle before taking a flying leap toward the car and kicking the windshield with both feet.

The uploader said the kangaroo then fled the scene. He said the darkness made it difficult to tell whether the animal sustained any injuries.


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