Man Falls Through Ice Attempting To Retrieve Drone

Man Falls Through Ice
Littleton Fire Department discovered in shallow water in a pond after receiving reports of a person falling through ice. Photo by Littleton Fire Department/Twitter

LITTLETON , Mass., Dec. 30 (UPI) — Massachusetts firefighters discovered a drone on thin ice in a frozen pond after responding to a call about a person falling through the ice on Wednesday.

A tweet from the Littleton Fire Department confirmed that a man had fallen into the frigid water while attempting to retrieve a drone that had landed on the thin ice.

After arriving on the scene firefighters discovered that the victim had been able to pull himself up from the ice and there was no one in need of rescue. They then discovered a trail of footsteps leading to a nearby home.

Firefighters interviewed the resident who confirmed that he and a friend had were trying to get their drone when they fell through the ice, the Boston Globe reports.

The fire department said it will retrieve the drone to prevent risk of further accidents.

“It shouldn’t be a problem,” said Littleton Fire Chief Scott Wodzinski. “We will have one of our smaller members go out on their belly and retrieve it, and use a long pole to reach out and grab it.”


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