Missouri police wrap street-crossing pig in blanket

Source: UPI/Facebook

MARYLAND HEIGHTS , Mo., Aug. 31 (UPI) — Police in Missouri created a real life pig in a blanket as they attempted to capture a piglet wandering on a busy street.

Maryland Heights Police Department shared a photo of the pig wrapped in a yellow blanket along with the rescuing officer and Sharon Reinhardt-Kirnbauer, who spotted the pig while driving to work.

“The pig was kind of a mess running around during rush hour traffic,” Lt. Joseph Eagan told St. Louis Dispatch.

According to KDSK, Reinhardt-Kirnbauer pulled over and waved down a passing officer to alert him of the pig in distress.

The officer was able to slow traffic while two more officers arrived on the scene and managed to safely corner the pig and wrap it in a blanket.

“The pig was scared,” Eagan said. “The soft blanket helped calm him down and make him a little more comfortable.”

Police determined the pig was an escaped pet from a nearby home and it was taken to a veterinarian to be treated for road rash before being returned home.


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