Ohio Man Fined $500 For Zombie Nativity Scene

Ohio Man Fined $500 For Zombie Nativity Scene
A Cincinnati man was a charged $500 fee for a non-zoned zombie nativity scene. Photo: UPI

CINCINNATI, Dec. 7 (UPI) — An Ohio man got a $500 fine for a zombie-themed nativity scene he set up in his front yard.

Jasen Dixon of Sycamore Township in Cincinnati first displayed his horror-themed twist on the traditional nativity scene in 2014, replacing the biblical characters with zombies. The zombies are inside a structure resembling a barn that the township says is in violation of local zoning laws.

“It’s an accessory structure. He doesn’t have a permit for it. It has nothing to do with what he’s got underneath the accessory structure,” Trustee Tom Weidman told Cincinnati.com. “He can put a hundred zombies in his front yard if he wants. It’s none of my business. The fact of the matter is the guy’s got an accessory structure in his front yard. Which is illegal.”

The local zoning law says an accessory structure can not be taller than five feet, while Dixon’s is approximately 10 feet tall. In accordance with the law, Dixon will be fined $500 for every day that the structure is not taken down.

Dixon, who originally constructed the nativity scene as a publicity stunt for his haunted house 13 Rooms of Doom believes that the unorthodox theme of the display is what’s causing him to be fined.

“I think it’s the theme. It just rubs people the wrong way and it puts the spotlight on me,” he said. “That’s why they’re coming down so hard on me.”

Dixon reportedly reached out to Sycamore Zoning Administrator Harry Holbert seeking approval for this year’s nativity, but Holbert says his permit was denied because of the pre-existing 10-foot structure.

“Since the structure has already been built, he is in violation of the zoning resolution and as such, will be cited every day it remains up,” Holbert said.

Dixon said he believes the display is a non-issue.

“It’s not hurting anything and it’s here not even for a month,” he said.


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