Poll: 30 Percent Of Republicans Want To Bomb Fictional Country From ‘Aladdin’

30 Percent Of Republicans
Public Policy Polling said results indicate 30 percent of Republicans support bombing the home country of Disney's "Aladdin," but such an effort would likely be foiled by a genie -- or the fact that the kingdom is fictional. Photo by Fer Gregory/Shutterstock.com

RALEIGH, N.C., Dec. 18 (UPI) — Call it “magic carpet bombing.”

A U.S. pollster said its survey of Republican primary voters suggests 30 percent support bombing Agrabah — the fictional kingdom from Disney’s Aladdin.

Public Policy Polling said in its latest poll of Republican voters planning to vote in the upcoming presidential primary found 30 percent of respondents would support bombing Agrabah, while 13 percent would oppose such a measure and 57 percent were unsure.

The firm said 45 percent of those supporting a campaign against the fictional kingdom are backing Donald Trump for president, compared to 22 percent of those in favor of leaving Aladdin’s home country undisturbed.

Public Policy Polling later said on Twitter its survey of Democratic primary voters suggests 19 percent would support an attack on Agrabah, while 36 percent would oppose such a move.


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