Pregnant Snake Found Under Australian Woman’s Refrigerator

Pregnant Snake Found
An Australian woman discovered a pregnant eastern brown snake under her refrigerator. Snake Catchers Adelaide captured the snake and cared for it as it laid 14 eggs. Photo by Snake Catchers Adelaide/YouTube
ADELAIDE, Australia, Jan. 13 (UPI) — An Australian avoided having a house full of venomous snakes when she discovered a pregnant eastern brown underneath her refrigerator.

The snake was captured by Snake Catchers Adelaide, which posted a video of the capture to YouTube. After the snake was removed from the home, its captors realized the eastern brown was pregnant and cared for it as it laid 14 eggs.

“Luckily the lady actually saw the snake’s head pop out from under the fridge so she called a snake catcher straight away to remove it,” they wrote in a Facebook post. “Otherwise things could have gone a little differently and in a few months she could have walked in to her kitchen with little eastern browns wiggling all over the place!”

The video also states that the snake’s pregnancy came uncommonly late in the year, as eastern browns usually lay their eggs in October or November. The eggs are expected to hatch in March.


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