Rams, Seahawks fans team up to rescue man from overturned portable toilet

Rams and Seahawks fans work together to free a man trapped inside an overturned portable toilet after a Sept. 18 game in Los Angeles. Screenshot: Storyful

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 26 (UPI) — Los Angeles Rams and Seattle Seahawks fans set aside their differences after a recent game to rescue a fan from an overturned portable toilet.

Jordan Rambis posted a video to Instagram showing a man in a Rams jersey attempting to open the locked door to an overturned portable toilet Sept. 18 following the game in Los Angeles.

A man wearing a Seahawks shirt soon joins the man and is able to yank the door open, freeing the fan trapped inside.

“A Seahawks fan tipped a guy over while he was in portapotty,” Rambis wrote.

He said the incident, coupled with his cooler being stolen by a woman whom he and his friends had offered to feed, left him “ready for NBA season.”



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