Record-breaking 2,663-pound schnitzel cooked up at German festival

A 2,663-pound schnitzel cooked at a German festival broke a Guinness World Record. Photo courtesy of Schnitzel Fest

Sept. 17 (UPI) — A festival in Germany broke a Guinness World Record by cooking up a 2,663-pound schnitzel measuring 753.5 square feet.

The Schnitzel Fest event in the town of Mengkofen, Bavaria, featured 400 pork chops, 4,000 eggs and 551 pounds of bread crumbs being turned into a giant schnitzel, a battered and fried pork dish.

Festival organizers said it took nearly 3,700 gallons of oil to fry the massive meat.

A Guinness World Records adjudicator was on hand to verify the schnitzel’s measurements and certify that it bread the previous record of 1,212.5 pounds.

The schnitzel was officially certified as the world’s largest before being split into 4,800 portions and sold to attendees at the festival. Organizers said proceeds from the sale of the record-breaking dish will be donated to charity.


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