Sandwich, coffee cup tie ‘PB&J burglar’ to 6 incidents in Wyoming

The Cheyenne Police Department in Wyoming said DNA from a half-eaten sandwich led to the identity of the "PB&J burglar," accused in at least six incidents. Photo by Evan-Amos/Wikimedia Commons

CHEYENNE, Wyo., Dec. 23 (UPI) — Police in Wyoming said a half-eaten sandwich left behind by a suspect dubbed the “PB&J burglar” helped tie the man to at least six recent burglaries.

The Cheyenne Police Department said Zachary Munoz, 26, allegedly left behind a half-eaten peanut butter and jelly sandwich during a Sept. 2 burglary at a local business called 4 Rivers Equipment in east Cheyenne.

The business was targeted two more times, Sept. 10 and 15, before DNA evidence on the sandwich was linked to Munoz, who the department nicknamed the “PB&J burglar.”

The department said Munoz is also accused of burglaries at the Frontier Mall’s JC Penney store Sept 17, Sept. 24, and Nov. 1. Investigators said a used coffee cup left behind during one of the JC Penney burglaries was found to bear the same DNA as the sandwich.

Munoz, who allegedly pawned power tools and other equipment stolen during the burglaries, was found to be in possession of jewelry taken from JC Penney.

Police said Munoz is facing three counts of burglary in connection with the case and further charges are pending.


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