Skydiving Santa Claus Gets Stuck On Street Light In Romania

Skydiving Santa Claus
A Romanian Santa Claus clings to a light post after his parachute became caught. Newsflare video screenshot

BUCHAREST, Romania, Dec. 28 (UPI) — Santa Claus’ attempt at a different sort of Christmas Day arrival in the Romanian capital backfired when the skydiving St. Nick’s parachute became tangled on a lamp post.

Santa’s parachute became tangled on a street lamp, and it is unclear whether the jolly old elf himself hit the pole with any force.

Santa did not appear to be injured and sets about trying to untangle himself in the footage.

“This time Santa Claus is stuck in the electricity pole, not in the snow. Kids, be patient, Santa is coming for you too!” a video uploader wrote online.



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