Tennessee Police Wrangle Chicken On Local Road

Tennessee Police Wrangle Chicken
Officers from Franklin police department in Tennessee captured a chicken that was found on a road in the downtown area on Tuesday night. The police department chronicled the process in a series of humorous tweets as they expressed disbelief at the situation. Photo by UPI/Ismael Mohamad

FRANKLIN, Tenn., March 16 (UPI) — Police in Tennessee looked to answer the age-old question of why the chicken crossed the road, when they wrangled a loose fowl on Tuesday evening.

Franklin police department tweeted that officers were attempting to capture a chicken that had walked onto a local road in the downtown area around 5:15 p.m. local time.

“Officers are trying to wrangle a *chicken* in the downtown Franklin area,” they wrote. “It’s crossed the road & we’re working to determine why. True story.”

About 15 minutes later the police department confirmed that the chicken had been safely captured and expressed some disbelief at the situation.

“Situation secure, chicken is in custody,” they wrote. “You just can’t make this stuff up.”

It is unclear where the loose chicken came from. Neither the chicken nor any officers or civilians were injured in the capture.


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