Toddler with plastic sword foils gender reveal plans

April 10 (UPI) — A Florida woman posted video of the moment her gender reveal party plans were foiled by her toddler son and a plastic sword.

Chanelle Mendoza, 29, said she and her sister-in-law decided to hold a joint gender reveal party when they found out the sexes of their babies on the same day.

Mendoza had a balloon filled with colored confetti for the big moment at the party, but a security camera at her home shows what happened when she was loading the balloon into her SUV.

The footage, posted to Facebook, shows the mother walking toward her vehicle with the large opaque balloon when her toddler son runs up with a plastic toy sword and pops it, sending pink confetti flying across the yard.

Mendoza said she got a replacement balloon that popped inside the store and the balloon ultimately used at the party had just three scraps of confetti inside to announce she is expecting a daughter.


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