Video: Patriotic chicken pecks ‘America the Beautiful’ on light-up keyboard

A patriotic chicken named Jokgu pecked her own rendition of "America the Beautiful" on a light-up keyboard. Jokgu's owner Shannon Myers trained the musically talented chicken to play the keyboard using click training. Screen capture/Two Creative Chicks/YouTube

Feb. 3 (UPI) — A musically talented chicken showed its love for America by playing a patriotic tune on a keyboard.

YouTube channel Two Creative Chicks shared video of Jokgu the chicken performing “America the Beautiful” by pecking away at a light-up keyboard.

Jokgu pecked the keys as they lit up in time with a background track which filled in the remainder of the instrumentals.

When her performance was finished Jokgu’s owner Shannon Myers rewarded her with a treat.

Myers trained Jokgu to play the keyboard through two weeks of clicker training, she told the Huffington Post.

“You click when the behavior is done, then reward,” she said. “Because you can click faster than give a reward, they immediately associate the click with the wanted behavior which then leads to reward.”


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