Vintage Miller Lite delivery truck with 6 pack-shaped fridge listed for sale

This vintage Miller Lite delivery truck, which was converted from a Ford Econoline truck, was listed for sale in St. Joseph, Mo., with an asking price of $2,500. Photo by Al Jackson/Facebook Marketplace

Sept. 17 (UPI) — A non-running vehicle listed for sale in Missouri is drawing attention for an unusual feature — a large refrigeration truck shaped like a six-pack of Miller Lite beer.

The 1982 Ford Econoline, which once served as a delivery truck for the beer company, features a refrigeration unit on its back shaped like a giant six pack of Miller Lite cans.

Al Jackson, who listed the truck for sale in St. Joseph, Mo., did not offer much in the way of details about the vehicle in his Facebook Marketplace listing.

“One of a kind! Beer truck!” the listing reads. “Definitely guaranteed to be a fun project! Vehicle does not run.”

The truck has an asking price of $2,500.


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