World’s smallest mobile nightclub opens in England

The world's smallest mobile night club opened in the English town of Rotherham measuring 6 feet 7 inches high, 3 feet wide and 5 feet deep. The structure, called "Club 28," can fit six partygoers and one DJ.Screen capture/Worlds Smallest Mobile Nightclub/YouTube

March 8 (UPI) — Two men in England brought a party atmosphere to their town by creating the world’s smallest mobile nightclub.

“Club 28,” which set a Guinness World Record when it debuted at the Rotherham Carnival, measures 6 feet 7 inches high, 3 feet wide and 5 feet deep.

The minuscule dance club features a professional quality sound system with two turntables, a usable dance floor, door staff outside and enough capacity for six party-goers and one DJ.

Gerard Jenkins-Omar and Stephen Robson sought out to claim the record to bring some fun to the town of Rotherham.

“We decided to break the record as part of bringing something fun and different to Rotherham,” Jenkins-Omar said. “The town has suffered from a lot of negativity in recent years so we are actively looking at ways to improve the ‘good feeling’ in the area and improve arts and culture whilst engaging local people.”

Two DJs performed at the club, which was required to be open to the general public and charge an admission fee to achieve the record.

Since its opening, the exterior of the club has been redesigned by street artist Marcus Method.

“It’s a bit of fun and brings a smile to the faces of people who see it and dance in it,” Jenkins-Omar said.


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