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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Reports Conflict Over Palestinian Woman Shot Dead By Israeli Police

Israeli authorities say they were attacked in the West Bank by a knife-wielding woman, but a Palestinian witness says she was an unarmed girl.

Hurricane Patricia Causes Little Damage After Making Landfall In Mexico

Officials in Mexico report no deaths and little damage after Hurricane Patricia, the most powerful cyclone recorded in the Western Hemisphere, made landfall.

Phil “Flip” Saunders, coach of Minnesota Timberwolves, dies of cancer

Phil "Flip" Saunders, head coach of the Minnesota Timberwolves, died at age 60 after a battle with Hodgkins lymphoma.

Voter Turnout High In Historic Tanzania Elections

Voter turnout has been high in Tanzanian's general election Sunday as a new opposition coalition tries to end the ruling party's 54-year grip on the country.

South Korea’s Navy Fires Warning Shot At North Korean Ship

South Korea's navy fired warning shots at a North Korean patrol boat as it strayed across a disputed maritime border, South Korean officials said.