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Thursday, April 26, 2018

North Korean Children Spurn Candy Bags From Kim Jong Un

Gift bags of candy that Kim Jong Un issued for North Korean children on Kim Il Sung's birthday anniversary are being spurned for better quality Chinese sweets, sources say.

Provo-Based Neon Trees Vocalist’s Solo, Video Slam LDS Church

Two years after Tyler Glenn declared himself to be equally proud of being gay and LDS, the Neon Trees lead vocalist is attacking his former faith.

Brooklyn Pizzeria To Sell Pizza Box Made Entirely Out Of Pizza

A Brooklyn pizzeria developed a delicious and ecologically-friendly alternative to cardboard pizza boxes by creating a box made entirely out of pizza.

Supreme Court Refuses To Block Texas Voter ID Law

The Supreme Court rejected an emergency appeal on Friday to block Texas' controversial voter ID law ahead of the November election.

Pentagon Disciplines 16 Of Its Own For Kunduz Hospital Airstrike

The Pentagon has disciplined 16 service members following an airstrike that killed 42 at a Doctors Without Borders hospital in northern Afghanistan last fall.