Fact-Checking Policy

The individual and collective responsibility for fact-checking at Gephardt Daily begins and ends with its writers, reporters, producers, photographers, editors and multi-media journalists – those who generate original content, while abiding by the newsgathering guidelines established by the Society of Professional Journalists.

As independent members of the SPJ we strive to:

  • Seek the Truth and Report It
  • Minimize Harm
  • Act Independently
  • Be Accountable and Transparent

These guiding principles established in the Society of Professional Journalists’ Code of Ethics, (https://www.spj.org/ethicscode.asp) are the foundation of our newsgathering enterprise.

Consequently, every element, of every Gephardt Daily story, provides attribution, with verifiable, independent sources, when possible, clearly identified in the context of their relationship to any given report.

We, vow, therefore, to diligently follow the SPJ code for fact checking, by:

  • Always Identifying Sources Clearly
  • Never Plagiarizing. Always Providing Full Attribution
  • Providing Context
  • Providing Access to Source Material when Relevant and Appropriate
SPJ Code of Ethics