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Friday, July 21, 2017

Pennsylvania parents get 7 years each for ‘gifting’ daughters

A Pennsylvania judge Thursday sentenced a couple to up to seven years in prison for "gifting" their daughters to a man who then sexually abused the girls.

Canada man built stairs in park for $550 after city estimated $65,000

A Canadian man spent $550 building a set of stairs in his community park after the city estimated it would cost $65,000.

Tadpole’s gut microbiome can predict a frog’s health

A frog's health can be predicted by the community of microbes found in its gut during the earliest stages of life, when the frog is just a tadpole.

Rights group identifies nearly 300 execution sites in North Korea

A human rights group in South Korea has assembled a digital map of all known execution sites in North Korea, the culmination of hundreds of interviews conducted with defectors who fled the Kim Jong Un regime.

Oregon crews deal with sticky mess after glue truck crash

Oregon Department of Transportation crews responded to a sticky mess at scene of a truck crash in Eugene that spilled 350 gallons of glue onto the road.