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Wednesday, December 13, 2017
Dalai Lama Reschedules

Dalai Lama On Paris Attacks: Prayer Is Not The Answer

The Dalai Lama said praying to God for an answer to a man-made problem won't work in the aftermath of the Paris attacks, in an interview where he also said co-existence with China is the best option for the people of Tibet.

Sweden Raises Threat Level To Highest In Country’s History

Sweden raised its terror threat level to high for the first time in the country's history Wednesday after "concrete information" pointed to a terrorist plot.

Two Brazilian Dams At Risk Of Collapse

Two dams in Brazil that are holding waste water from iron mines are at risk of collapsing, a company spokesman disclosed this week.

Senegal To Ban The Burqa

Senegal announced plans this week to ban women from wearing the burqa to stop Islamic terrorists from using the full-face veil as a disguise.

Russian Warplanes Pound Islamic State Targets In Syria

Russian airplanes destroyed 14 Islamic State targets in Syria on Tuesday in one of its largest airstrikes in decades, Russia's Ministry of Defence said.