Utah Gov. Cuts Off Funding For Planned Parenthood

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SALT LAKE CITY, Utah, Aug. 14, 2015 (Gephardt Daily) — Utah’s Governor Gary Herbert is taking action against Planned Parenthood.

The Republican governor issued an executive order late Friday afternoon ordering state agencies to stop acting as conduits for federal funds earmarked for the Planned Parenthood Association of Utah.

Governor Herbert’s decision comes in response to clandestinely recorded videos taken by an anti-abortion group while Planned Parenthood employees from Houston, Texas described the harvesting and sale of aborted fetal tissues to medical researchers.

Governor Herbert’s official statement is as follows:

The allegations against Planned Parenthood are deeply troubling. Current Utah state law prohibits the use of state funds to provide abortions by Planned Parenthood or any other organization. The federal government has provided grants to Planned Parenthood, distributed through the Utah Department of Health. These funds are also prohibited from being used to perform abortions. In light of ongoing concerns about the organization, I have instructed state agencies to cease acting as an intermediary for pass-through federal funds to Planned Parenthood.

Other state and local agencies and nonprofits will continue to provide STD education and prevention programs.

VIDEO: Planned Parenthood Response:


  1. This isn’t how our justice system works, at all. I’m deeply disappointed in the governors decision to risk his constituents access to healthcare like cancer screening, sexual education, STD testing and other vital reproductive health services, especially in advance of any proof that the operations were anything but legal.

    That’s why this isn’t his job. It’s the job of the judiciary branch, and I can’t believe he would ignore the constitutional checks and balances that have served us for over 200 years.

      • This world will become even more of a butcher shop when women are forced to have kids that they don’t want. This just means illegal abortions taken into the hands of the mother and father which will lead to actual murder of a child .

    • We’ve got the wonderful program called Obamacare for those needs. The POOR can also use Medicaid. planned parenthood is a corrupt agency that was created to decrease the black population and to limit the Jewish religion. As part of PP’s sexual education, it’s advised to explore your sexual desires and go to great lengths as to rub feces on your partner. Maybe back in 1939 when PP was created there was a need to education a young couple that wanted to start a family. It has no use In today’s culture and society. It’s been reported by PP that only 3% goes to abortions devices, but 95% of all patrons go there do just that.

    • He probably feels like the constitution is up for interpretation like the religion he pushes.
      This is so harmful to society it’s literally sickening. He should be impeached or whatever process we have for governors and this BS revoked.

    • indiana, massachusettes, georgia and south dakota have already investigated and found NO wrongdoing by planned parenthood. plus this action by the governor is illegal and if he doesn’t desist, the feds will withdraw all medical funding to that state, which constitutes millions of dollars that will have to be recouped by the state itself.

    • Cutting funding to PPH will do exactly what these mis-informed idiots don’t want: Increase in unwanted pregnancies due to lack of access to birth control.

    • I’m deeply disappointed that PP is harvesting baby body parts. And although I am not from Utah, I am confident that there are enough health care choices to meet the needs of the people of Utah. Oh and the executive of the state does have the power to instruct state agencies to obey the law.

    • That’s what Obama care is supposed to do. Planned parenthood has no place anymore. Plus it has been performing illegal and immoral acts. Any good it may possibly do does not outweigh the horrible crimes against humanity.

      • Obviously you only read the headlines in the d bag post from the crazy right wing site you repost from on FB but for the love of your fake god please educate yourself on what Planned Parenthood actually does!

    • You want proof? Look at the videos! Trying to sell baby parts! Abortion is murder! Planned parenthood is just a bunch of exicutioners. And as far as cutting off Healthcare services, people still have access. Thanks to obamacare, everyone has health insurance. Killing innocent babies should not be a choice. If you get pregnant because of your own decisions you should deal with the consequences. If you don’t want to get pregnant then keep your legs closed!

  2. Shaunty, I completely agree! Proper sex Ed is not being taught in schools, and now we are going to cut off funding for an organization that keeps teens and young adults sexually safe. But I forgot… Abstinence is key…. *eye roll*

  3. Apparently he doesn’t have the capacity to focus on the real problems in this state such as pollution, gangs, traffic congestion, homelessness …

  4. Apparently he doesn’t have the intellectual capacity to focus on the real problems in this state such as pollution, gangs, traffic congestion, homelessness …

  5. Shaunty—Agreed! This is deeply concerning, and the women his actions threaten are primarily low-income. The funds don’t even go to abortion anyway. It’s unbelievable how much damage that smear campaign has done. I hope it comes back to haunt the GOP in the election next year.

  6. Mr Herbert has frequently let his personal beliefs make his political decisions. He his happy to let Jason Chafits waist millions of dollars on controlling people’s personal lives by trying to prevent same sex marrage, but not willing to invest anything on the helth of the people who he is supposed to represent. Oh wait, I forgot, the people who are in financial need in Utah wouldn’t be stupid enough to vote for a man that has none of their needs in mind. Mr. Herbert I will not call you my governor because I didn’t support you being given that title and you have been and embarasment.

    • Yes, yes he has. But that doesn’t make it any less okay for others to do the same. You wouldn’t stab someone then list of a line of people that have gotten away with it, you would have done the better thjng for yourself and the other person and avoided doing so in the first place.

  7. This is highly disappointing. Firstly, state funding doesn’t go to abortions, so what you’re cutting is funding to mammograms, Pap smears, STD education and testing, and contraceptives. (If you think contraceptives are too expensive then you’d better be prepared to fund welfare for the children of people who couldn’t otherwise afford birth control.) Secondly, the accusations against Planned Parenthood are baseless. There is no proof (because the claim is imaginary) and the only “evidence” is a highly suspect and highly edited video. Thirdly, abortions will happen whether they’re legal or not. I would much prefer that women are educated first about their options and then if it is still their choice to abort, then they should have a safe environment with a doctor and not a back alley and a safety pin.
    This move is reprehensible and I think it is merely one Good Ol’ Boy appeasing his constituents–not those in need, but those with deep pockets.

  8. I find this to be a legitimate attack on the rights of a Womans reproductive health, Our youths’ rights to proper birth controls and community education, Ethnic and social minority groups, and so much more. This is HORRIBLE. These anti-abortion groups and lobbyists have been trying to throw PP under the bus for as long as we can all remember. PP does not and has not EVER used government grant money to fund abortions. This is a complete copout from the governor and his constituents. Just another

  9. I find this to be a legitimate attack on the rights of a Womans reproductive health, Our youths’ rights to proper birth controls and community education, Ethnic and social minority groups, and so much more. This is HORRIBLE. These anti-abortion groups and lobbyists have been trying to throw PP under the bus for as long as we can all remember. PP does not and has not EVER used government grant money to fund abortions. This is a complete copout from the governor and his constituents.

  10. Of course he does because he is another Mormon who must foist his beliefs upon others to control their free will. Utahns please do not elect another Mormon.

  11. Utah’s Governor Herbert is bitter and blinded by his own self righteousness. I think it’s a horrible thing to terminate an innocent life, BUT what is worse is to rape a woman’s soul by stripping her rights away! Especially with highest rates of incest in the country, how can anybody see Utah’s Governor Gary Herbert as anything but a rapist himself FORCING DAUGHTERS TO GIVE BIRTH TO THEIR DADDY’S BABIES ! ! ! ! ! !

  12. Please explain what ‘other government agencies’ will provide STD screening and education. Does that mean abstinence will be the only choice in Utah for our young adults? And what about the other multiple services they provide? Finally, how can we accept a government official who acts on a proven scam orchestrated by his own party?

    • Any health care facility will offer that same screening, PPH does not have a “corner” on this market. PPH Is not a government agency, it is a nonprofit that receives government money. As for “young adults” what ages are you referring to? Sub 18 years old are not “adults” and they receive quite a bit of sex education in our school systems and for my children also at home. What they won’t receive at other facilities is the liberal limit population speech that they give to women/girls ( I’ve been there and received it for myself, something I disagree with btw). Gov. Herbert, I have no reply to that because there isn’t proof of a scam one way or the other, that is just opinion.

  13. I think that Herbert made the right decision. I do not believe that planned parenthood should be performing abortions in the manner and frequency that was occurring. However I do believe that the government should fund an institution that educates young adults and teenagers of the sexual education that is so frequently missed. Also if others at worried about contraception, Obama has made it possible to get birth control for free, why not take advantage of that?

  14. Ms. Linton is uninformed of the many ways and places women can get the services she contends will put women at “risk”. Planned Parenthood’s heinous philosophy toward abortion, should be attacked from every avenue of government and society.
    Gov. Herbert has shown his intelligence to be strong and wise in this move, and I applaud him and any other action that limits this out-of-control organization.

  15. Miss Linton has demonstrated her ignorance as to the many services she contends may put women at “risk”. Planned Parenthood in their heinous, runaway philosophy regarding abortion should be attacked from every avenue of government AND society, until it is extinct.
    I applaud Gov. Herbert in his superior intelligence in this action, and hope other governors follow suit until all funding is denied this unbelievable practise.

    • Last time I checked, our country was supposed to be the land of the FREE! Because you are obviously small minded, I will explain what that means in simple terms. People (even WOMEN, gasp!) are FREE to make decisions without asking for anyone’s opinion on their choices or morals. Keep your bible thumping small mindedness out of government, politics and OTHER PEOPLE’S FREEDOMS!

  16. Just another rash decision based off of no proof of evidence… Also, I wouldn’t doubt this decision was based off of religious views.

    No decent human being would stop funding for a program helping men and women with healthcare.

  17. Doing the right thing. Any services PP claims to provide are already covered by non abortion facilities people trust. PP cannot be trusted.

  18. Once again this is a matter of private agenda pushed by corrupt politicians. The law exists in utah to protect us so if UTAH Planned parenthoods are breaking the law let the JUSTICE court deal with them as the constitution intended. Herbert is a terrible governor and we need him out of office ASAP.

  19. What a terrible disservice to the people of Utah! Most Utahns would not stand with you on this issue. It’s not your right to take away our rights to affordable healthcare!

  20. the feds are going after the states that are attempting this illegal action. if the state refuses to cease it’s action, the feds will withdraw all federal medical funding and the state will have to make up the millions in lost revenue through the state coffers. i know in texass, the feds were providing $9 for every $1 of state medicaid. that’s a lot of money the state taxpayers will have to come up with! and other “community clinics” and such are already so over burdened, they cannot handle the sheer numbers of women, men and children who will be cut off from any medical care.

  21. The videos were proved to be faked and highly edited it is idiotic to utilize them. I am ashamed that Gephardt would not point that fact out.

  22. Abortion doesn’t go away when it is illegal, it just goes to back alleys and the death rate of women of childbearing age goes up.

  23. Shaunty, he was just enforcing already existing laws. That actually IS how our justice system works. Besides, why should tax payers have to foot the bill for fetal murder? And even so, the money Planned Parenthood was getting for selling fetus parts wasn’t being returned to the tax payers. It was pure profit for the highly controversial, genocidal organization.

  24. The the hell? Fuck you governer. You obviously have no idea how much planned parenthood has helped with the health of MILLIONS of women. Chauvinistic politic.

  25. Further evidence that religious conservatives will always put their own agendas before the health of their constituents. It’s quite sickening.

  26. Herbert is such a backwards Republican, just like most of them. He doesn’t care about women or womens’ health. In his mind he’s probably saving a bunch of babies from being aborted and somehow putting a stop to promiscuity. But all he’s doing is taking away services that our state is REQUIRED to provide, and making it more difficult for thousands of people in Utah to get different screenings for things such as cancer and STDs. Yeah, real smart Herbert. It’s not like STDs are already up by 700% or anything important like that….. Worst governor we have ever had.

  27. Shaunty, how is this action the judicial branch’s decision? They are judges just like an umpire in a ball game. They call strikes and balls, not what play to run. Decisions like this one from the governor is exactly what the legislative and executive branches of government are supposed to do. It’s frightening that liberals like you believe everything runs through the judicial branch. Of course, I guess I don’t blame you since the last few Supreme Court rulings gave you the impression that they are the ones calling the plays.

    Good call by the Governor to stop tax payer funded abortions.

  28. Yes, let’s cut off support for women throughout the state to be able to become pregnant when they can’t afford it through other means. Let’s make sure that men and women HAVE to go through grocery stores and gas stations to get condoms so that they can’t go to Planned Parenthood to get them for a much better price, if not free.

    Let’s make sure that men and women all over the state of Utah have no control over their reproductive organs so that they are forced into parenthood before they’re ready.

  29. I hope he increased funding for welfare, WIC, and food stamps for those women who depend on birthcontrol from PP I so as not to have children they can’t afford. This joker needs to be impeached. The video he is referring to has been proven to be fake. Do we really want this mental genius running the state?

  30. I’m not saying people should murder this guy, but I’m not saying we shouldn’t either. Makes you want to find a better candidate to vote for – take a look in your primaries and find someone better!

  31. Planned……Something you want to do or steps to avoid things you don’t want to do. Planned Parenthood should be teaching how NOT to get pregnant until such time you WANT to. It should not be used as birth control!

    • Are you a moron? Have you ever set foot inside of a Planned Parenthood? That is EXACTLY what they teach.
      There are shelves right by the front desk FILLED with pamphlets on different types of birth control. When I was 18 and had no idea about any of it, their staff helped educate me in ways that no health class in high school ever would. They provide free condoms and allow you to pay for your birth control at whatever price you can afford on that day.
      Because of Planned Parenthood, I have never been pregnant (and hopefully never will be). Also because of Planned Parenthood, I’ve seen many low-income women who get assistance for wanted pregnancies. The clinic I go to is extremely helpful for family planning.

      Planned Parenthood is not an abortion clinic. They don’t even perform the procedures there; they assist you in finding another clinic that specializes in the matter. At least, that’s how the Utah clinics work.

      The point is, PP does so much more than whatever these sheep believe them to do. And I am so disappointed in our governor for making this choice. There is a reason why being a Utahn can often be very shameful.

    • Lil Ackley , so your saying birth control should not exist at all ? Planned parenthood has helped a lot of people with their low cost or even at no cost birth control . Planned parenthood allows those who have been raped to come in and get the morning after pill at no cost . It allows those who do not have the insurance to get birth control . Let me tell you something . I am an insured woman who uses birth control . I have to go in yearly to get an exam and if I don’t get that exam then my birth control will not be renewed . A yearly woman exam out of pocket with no insurance can cost up to $300 not to mention birth control cost can be up to $50 a month . Thats a rough estimate of $900 yearly . I have been denied renewals of my prescription if I don’t come in for my yearly exam . Can you imagine these poor women who do not have that $900 to spend not being able to get the help they need if planned parenthood is shut down ? There will be a bigger problem if women are forced to have a child that they could of been able to prevent if planned parenthood gets shut down . There will be an increase of homeless babies because homeless women can’t get the help they need , there will be an increase of illegal abortions. People will take the situation into their hands even more and at that point their will be an increase of child deaths. Women have the right to their own body . End of story .

  32. I wonder if he’s “grossed out” by “dads” that disappear on their half of the responsibility of an unplanned pregnancy. Bet he’s not.

  33. Hope you’all are happy having your ENTIRE Medicaid account suspended. Cause that’s what is about to happen to your state. Now, SOME of you haters here are such ignoramuses that you actually believe losing ALL of your state’s Medicaid funding is just fine with you. Ah, but just you wait until the full brunt of the situation takes hold and your politicians that pander to this nonsense discover just how politically suicidal it is to remove something like Medicaid, especially over a trumped up point of pure political propaganda theatre…

  34. “its the unpleasant side of health care” yeah well I would rather not have a cure if it means we have to kill babies to get it…just saying…


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