Fiat Chrysler recalling 862,520 vehicles under EPA rule

Fiat-Chrysler SRT Viper. Photo: Wikimedia Commons/GabboT

March 14 (UPI) — Automaker Fiat Chrysler voluntarily recalled more than 800,000 vehicles as part of routine testing under newly adopted Environmental Protection Agency guidelines.

Fiat Chrysler agreed to recall 862,520 vehicles due to in-use emissions investigations conducted by EPA and in-use testing conducted by the company as required by the agency, according to an EPA statement.

“EPA welcomes the action by Fiat Chrysler to voluntarily recall its vehicles that do not meet U.S. emissions standards,” the agency said.

“We will provide assistance to consumers navigating the recall and continue to ensure that auto manufacturers abide by our nation’s laws designed to protect human health and the environment.”

Fiat Chrysler said the recall had no safety implications and there were no associated fines, CNBC reported.

“This issue was discovered by FCA during routine in-use emissions testing and reported to the agency. We began contacting affected customers last month to advise them of the needed repairs, which will be provided at no charge,” the company said.

The vehicles affected by the recall include the 2011-16 MY Dodge Journey, 2011-14 Chrysler 200/Dodge Avenger, 2011-12 MY Dodge Caliber and 2011-16 MY Jeep Compass/Patriot.

The EPA said the recall will be implemented in phases during the 2019 calendar year beginning with the oldest vehicles first.

Owners of the affected vehicles will receive notification from Fiat Chrysler when parts become available to complete the repairs and they will be permitted to continue to drive their vehicles in the meantime.


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