Blake Lively Refuses To Uncross Legs At Michael Kors New York Fashion Week Show, Reports Say

Blake Lively Refuses
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NEW YORK, N.Y., Feb. 20, 2016 (Gephardt Daily) — Actress Blake Lively was in attendance at the Michael Kors Fashion Show in New York when she and others sitting in the front row were asked to uncross their legs to clear some room for the photographers.

But, according to reports, Lively, who was sitting with her mother and friends, refused to comply with the photographers’ “crossed legs rule,” creating a bit of a faux pax. Front-row attendees are commonly asked to uncross their legs before shows begin to keep the runway clear for shots. “It’s for the photographers,” a “fashionista” tells Page Six, “People’s legs get in the way … it messes up the shots.”

The group was personally asked by company chairman John D. Idol to uncross their legs before the show began, but none of them listened, Zap2It reports.


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