Chrissy Metz on her pin-up shoot for Harper’s Bazaar: ‘It’s validation’

Chrissy Metz attends the Golden Globe Awards on January 8. File Photo by Jim Ruymen/UPI

March 13 (UPI) — Chrissy Metz says her pin-up shoot for Harper’s Bazaar was a validating experience.

The 36-year-old actress appeared in a vintage-inspired spread for the magazine’s website and discussed her role as Kate Pearson on “This is Us” in the interview.

“When I first heard Harper’s Bazaar wanted me to be sexy, I was like, ‘Who, me?’ I knew y’all were edgy but this is incredible — it’s validation,” she said. “I can get into this now because I finally have the confidence.”

Metz struggled with her weight for years, but said she’s now “removed” from the emotional battles Kate has on the NBC series. She said she takes the role and its impact on the audience very seriously.

“I’m on this journey to inspire people, and to encourage them,” the star explained. “We are all deserving of true happiness, so it’s much more than just acting. It’s like, forget you’re on this amazing television show, you’re changing lives and opening discussion.”

“If you can’t love who you are now, you can’t get to the place you want to be,” she added. “I’m paving the road for other women and men who know they’re destined for greatness but they don’t believe it yet.”

Metz denied she’ll have gastric bypass surgery in February after Kate considered the procedure on “This is Us.” She later confirmed she’d like to lose weight on her own terms, and expressed interest in “The Biggest Loser.”

“I do want to lose weight, but not because anyone is telling me to do it,” she told Marie Claire. “I would love to go on The Biggest Loser, where it’s a concentrated thing.”

“This is Us” will air its Season 1 finale Tuesday. Milo Ventimiglia, who plays Kate’s dad, Jack Pearson, said in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter last week that the episode will be a “rocky ride.”


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