Samsung unveils seriously wide monitor for $1,500

Samsung on Friday unveiled the CHG90 video gaming computer monitor, which measures 49 inches and a 178-degree viewing angle. Photo courtesy Samsung

June 9 (UPI) — Samsung unveiled an ultra-wide computer monitor on Friday that looks like an LCD TV on steroids.

The electronics-maker unveiled the 49-inch CHG90 monitor, which features 3840×1080 high definition resolution and 32:9 aspect ratio. Most normal computer monitors have an aspect ratio of 16:9, the same format as motion pictures.

The curved CHG90 features what Samsung calls High Dynamic Range picture enhancement, quantum dot picture presentation technology, a quick 1ms response time and a 178-degree viewing angle.

In its announcement, Samsung said the QLED monitor is geared for video game play and augments “game content with deeper blacks, brighter whites and more vivid colors, creating a more realistic feel in various lighting environments.”

“Gamers want to feel completely immersed in their favorite games, and our new monitors provide the most stunning visuals and realistic content to deliver the ultimate gaming experience,” Samsung Executive Vice President Seog-gi Kim said in a statement. “These QLED gaming monitors are the gateway to the future of gaming for casual, enthusiastic and competitive gamers alike, and we’re looking forward to building upon these game-changing technologies to further meet the needs of gamers, developers and partners in the coming years.”

The CHG90 follows Samsung’s smaller 31-inch CHG70 curved monitor, which was revealed last summer.

The new ultra-wide monitor retails for $1,500 and is immediately available for preorder. Samsung expects to begin shipping them later this summer.


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