Tori Spelling Bites back After Andy Cohen Urges Her to ‘Eat Something’

Tori Spelling Bites back After Andy Cohen
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NEW YORK, Oct. 1 (UPI) — A hilarious series of events following an unfunny email caused comedian Andy Cohen to deeply offend reality star Tori Spelling.

The Watch What Happens Live host spoke with Tonight Show‘s Jimmy FallonWednesday, admitting it all started with a joke he made on his Sirius XM show regarding Spelling’s recent third-degree burns.

The former 90210 actress sustained the injuries during an Easter lunch at a local Benihana restaurant, which prompted several hospital visits and skin grafts.

“I made like a chicken cacciatore joke about it and it was not good,” Cohen confessed to Fallon. After the joke, he says Spelling sent an email to inform the entertainer although she loved his show, his quip about the burns had offended her.

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“I said, ‘I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to. And I’m sorry I told all those jokes and it’s all good,” Cohen said of his reply email. “At the bottom,” he added, “I said — cause I thought it said in the email that she hadn’t been able to eat for a week after the burn .. ‘and also EAT SOMETHING!’ in all-caps.”

Cohen’s postscript offended Spelling even more, and she replied on the defensive.

“I went back in the email and she hadn’t said anything about not being able to eat,” he said to a roar of laughter. “I made it up! It was terrible.”

Spelling sustained serious third degree burns in April after slipping over a hot grill during the Easter holiday. The actress has since filed a lawsuit against Benihana for apparent wage loss, medical expenses and a weakened earning capacity due to the injury.


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