Hottest Decorating Trends In America

Kitchen in Gray
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April 15, 2016 (Gephardt Daily) — A dash of deeper color, a new shape, and a few animals of the inanimate kind are making a fashion statement this spring. They are just a few of the decorating trends homeowners are using to dress up their dwellings in 2016.

White’s Out in the Kitchen                                                                                            White has gone unchallenged as the color of choice in the kitchen for years now. Everything from cabinets to tile to appliances were white. But, according to a Zillow Digs forecast of the one million homeowners who frequent the site, 2016 will be the year that gray and tan begin to push white out of the kitchen. In fact, design experts say the warmer and darker colors add depth and texture to a room that gets a whole lot of use.

The Shape of Things to Come                                                                         
Everything from asymmetrical mirrors and wall art to decorative boxes with uneven sides and soft edges are all part of Nate Berkus’ top selling spring collection for Target. “Gem-shaped accents make for an easily upgradable, accessible moment in any room,” says designer Berkus. The man who is best known for dressing up homes, says it’s not so different from dressing up women who started wearing a statement necklace to dress up their gray or black T-shirts a few seasons ago. Berkus believes his “accessories offer that same idea, but for a room.”
Birds Take Flight and Goats Strike a Pose
Skim through the newest styles in throw pillows and blankets on and you’ll find lots of birds chirping as they take flight on a hot spring trend. Closer to the ground, goat prints are also popular with the animal in both dignified and more relaxed poses. Even a print of Picasso’s Cat on a throw pillow is a much sought after item…only half a dozen left after an April debut.
The Top Choice in Wall Art
It will catch your eye as you walk from room to room in a home. Wall art has made its way into over 40 million homes courtesy of’s artwork and stationery site since it launched in 2007. Looking ahead through the spring and summer seasons, decorators with the site say states that set the trends like California, New York, Texas, Illinois and Massachusetts—are five times more likely to purchase photography over drawings or paintings. If you have a photographer in the family, those on a budget might want to frame their work, it’s an inexpensive alternative.
Pallet DIY Projects Rule
If a quick and easy spring project fits into your budget and packed calendar, then find some pallets and get building. Tips for is featuring 15 projects they describe as “insanely creative.” Pallets are cheap and easy to work with and as the experts suggest, “items made from pallets look extremely stunning and add a country charm to any home.” The pallet craze began in earnest in 2015 and has not lost steam because of its ease and ability to make the person behind the project look very creative.
These are just a few of the trends captivating home improvement audiences across the country this spring. Now, it’s up to you to choose the ones that will make an appearance in your home in 2016.


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